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What cannabis helps Pancreatic Cancer?


Cannabis science is still in its infancy due to 80+ years of prohibitionist propaganda. It would be so great if the doctor could say, “Take 60 grams of XYZ cannabis oil over 90 days and you’ll be cured!” but the truth is that nobody knows exactly which cannabinoids will do the job for each type of cancer, or for each person.

World renowned Israli cannabis researcher Dr. Didi Meiri recently said, “If someone tells you they know exactly what a cannabinoid does, they are trying to get you to invest in their start-up, because nobody knows [yet]…”

We know that cannabis kills cancer in the lab: THC and CBD both create apoptosis in cancer cells lines. We have yet to have the double blind placebo controlled trials that we know as the gold standard, but for people with few or no choices, we try to provide as much information as could be helpful in easing their journey, and maybe more.

Because science doesn’t exactly know what's going to help, we often recommend a wide variety of cannabinoids. For folks who are totally new to cannabis medicine or are very fearful of “feeling high” we often recommend a full spectrum CBD dominant oil for day time and a 1:1 CBD:THC oil at night. For certain cancers, a CBG is looking promising. The “core oils” have some CBG in them. It’s the wide variety of cannabinoids that’s essential - until the research is allowed federally, we are all the researchers, so keep good notes!

The following study out of Australia shows that a variety of cannabinoids show “interesting opportunities” in fighting pancreatic cancer.

Targeting the Endocannabinoidome in Pancreatic Cancer

PEA is another beneficial, non impairing cannabinoid, similar to CBD in that respect. Here is a study from 2008 on this lesser known cannabinoid showing that PEA could be helpful in the fight, but of course, more studies are needed.

A pilot study of perillyl alcohol [PEA] in pancreatic cancer

Cannabinoids help to balance the endocannabinoid system which balances every other system of the body. Cannabinoids help the body to build Natural Killer cells. We highly recommend that anyone fighting cancer incorporates cannabinoids into their protocol.

We also believe in and recommend cannabinoids for overall good health. For more resources or for a personal consultation please don’t hesitate to reach out at

We’re always happy to help.

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