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Meet Dave & Chela

Certified Cannabis Coaches & Advocates 

As family caregivers turned advocates who were so inspired by her mother’s decade long journey through dementia, Chela and Dave Coennen launched Cannabis Helps Dementia podcast, started Coach Chela Consulting and wrote a movie script loosely based on their experience called Last Resort, an Alzheimer’s Pot Dramedy.


Their book, CBD for Seniors - 12 Essential Things to Know When Trying CBD or Medicinal Cannabis to Ease Symptoms of Aging and Improve Brain Health is available now on Amazon. CBD for Cancer, CBD for End of Life and other guidebooks are in the works.

After more than twenty-five years working in film and television, it’s now their mission to improve the lives of older people experiencing debilitating illness with care gap training and plant-based education and advocacy.

Chela and Dave specialize in helping people who are fighting cancer, managing chronic conditions, living with dementia or facing the end of life feel better today. They're also passionate about educating healthcare professionals and the community at large through interactive events and speaking engagements. Coach Chela consulting is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, but to support you in your best life.

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Dave Chela & Jackpot

Dave, Chela & Jackpot exploring Oregon's spectacular Southern coast.


Stage IIIb to NED client making full extraction cannabis oil with Coach Chela

Coach Chela with Stage IIIb to NED client making cannabis oil.

Many in the healthcare community think that going from Stage IV Cancer to NED is all but impossible, but we know it happens every day.


Cancer is a complex, multifactorial disease and most agree a successful fight requires a multifactorial approach that includes diet, lifestyle, alternative and standard of care treatments.


We believe everyone has their own path and we hope to provide you with research and resources that might help you feel good and possibly get better.

Coach Chela consulting is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, but to support you in your best life.


Learn how plant medicine could support your fight.



Coach Chela's mom enjoying life living with Alzheimer's dementia using cannabis oil.